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Brakes and drop outs


Thanks for creating a very nice bit of software. Would it be possible to put in disc brakes and maybe Paragon sliding/ rocking drop outs?


Disc brakes and dropouts

Yes, those are popular requests, so I really should add those options soon. Stay tuned...

Yes, Disk Brakes!!!!

Please ad the abillity to have both disk AND cantilever mounts!

Thank you



Discbrake wold be really nice especially to check if large discs may hit the tubes.




Any idea when disk brake option will be added as this really is vital and standard now for mountain bikes. Pretty major missing function


Disc brakes

Disc brakes will be accounted for in the next update.  Are there any specific design challenges with disc brakes that you would like to see BikeCAD address?

disc break mounts on

disc break mounts on chainstays and seatstays.

a automatic distance calculation for the IS or PM mounts woud be good.

Templates for Disc size adaptors.

a "check tool" if the specific disc sizes fits into the frame (like in RattleCAD)

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