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Components and Logos not working?

I'm having trouble getting any of the components to show up after selecting a part. Also, the text isn't working at all on the frame. Any Suggestions? I am using a PC and tried both the newest versions of Internet Explorer and also Safari to no avail. Thanks!!

Displaying components and logos

The display of components is controlled in the Display dialog box as described at: http://www.bikecad.ca/display_dialog_box .

If you wish to have logos displayed on the frame, you must check the Decal checkbox in the Display dialog box. If the Decal checkbox is turned on, yet there are still no logos on the frame, you will likely need to go to the Paint dialog box and turn on each desired logo individually.

Let me know if this does not resolve the issue.

Thank! I got it to work with

Thank! I got it to work with your direction. Another question: Is it possible to just start the free version of BikeCAD from a blank template? The only way I've been able to work on a frame, is by opening a previously designed frame. This program is amazing!

Starting a new model

To start a new model, you'll always have to start with something. Any model you save will be accessible in your My Designs section. I would recommend that you save a basic model that you are comfortable developing other designs from. You could bookmark that design and just start all future models from there.

Thanks for the kind words about BikeCAD. You know what else is amazing? BikeCAD Pro! It would be great to have you as a customer!

We are newly formed company

We are newly formed company in Minneapolis, MN, US. and are still on the development and design level. This software has completely answered many of the geometry question I've had! I plan on discussing the purchase of BikeCAD Pro at our next meeting this week. I'm assuming the Pro version is just much more in depth and customizable? Thank You for creating such an amazing program!! Stoked!

BikeCAD Pro

Yes, BikeCAD Pro has several added features over the free version. I should also mention that the $350 cost is a one time fee. As new versions of the program are released, all owners of BikeCAD Pro get the new version for free.

Good luck with the new business. Looking forward to having you as a customer one of these days.

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