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Changing the Insertion Point of Top Tube

I am trying to duplicate a Specialized Shiv TT bike frame in BikeCAD Pro but have encountered a few problems in trying to get the frame geometry it to look similar.

1. I'm trying to lower the insertion point of the top tube along the seat tube but cannot figure out how to do this in BikeCAD Pro. Right now my design has the top tube slanting up towards the seat post when the actual frame is horizontal (see image attached). I have searched the glossary manual online and looked thru what I think are the most logical menu options in BikeCAD Pro but cannot find anything that allows me to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

2. Many top end tri bikes have fully integrated front ends.  How can I get my bikecad design to approximate the look of one?  In the  case of the Shiv, the tope tube extends over the head tube giving it more frame above the stack reference point.  Is it possibel to do something like this to the top tube in BikeCAD Pro?

In case you are wondering why I am trying to replicate a Shiv, it is because I am a fitter tring to provide my customer with their bike set-up measurements on a bike image that comes as close to the look of the bike they wish to get as possible.




Changing attachment point of top tube on seat tube

I've modeled the medium sized Specialized SHIV as you can see at: bikecad.ca/1482907211461.

To understand how the top tube/ seat tube connection point can be controlled, I recommend watching the following video tutorials:




To model extra protrusions in the frame such as the cowling at the top of the seat stay, you can use the freehand tool described at: bikecad.ca/freehand.



More Q's

Thanks Brent that was very helpful.  Final questions on TT frames.  Can I create custom measurements?? For example, I would like to display a measurement for the height between the aeropad top and base bar / handlebar top.  Other measures would be Saddle tip to either back lip or center of Aeropads.

It would be really helpful if the help menu had a search option that i could put in search words to find stuff I am trying to learn to do.



Custom dimensions

Although horizontal and vertical components of the distance from the saddle to the aerobar pads are available as standard dimensions, a single dimension from the tip of the saddle to the aerobar pad will need to be created as a user dimension. User dimensions are explained at: bikecad.ca/user_dimensions.

All BikeCAD help documentation is on the BikeCAD.ca web site. Although, I could add a search field inside BikeCAD, I don't think it would be as convenient as just searching through your web browser to begin with. While the search field in the BikeCAD.ca web site does search all the text on the site, I actually find Googling terms like BikeCAD custom dimension the easiest way to find what I'm looking for.

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