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Fork Travel and downtube clearance

Is there a quick check available to ensure that the wheel/tire combo does not contact the downtube under full fork compression?

Investigating front wheel and down tube clearance

You can use the lock frame tool to fix the frame while changing the fork sag to be equal to the overall travel of the fork. I did this and then used the morph tool to generate this animated GIF.

Fork compression

You can also turn on the animation option to show the fork moving through the full length of its stroke. In this case, the frame will remain in its current position and the wheel will slide upward with the fork legs.

Toe overlap dimension

Since a question was asked about this on Instagram, I'll mention here that you can also display the ISO 4210-2: toe clearance dimension as shown below.

Toe overlap

Wonderful. Thank you!

Wonderful. Thank you!

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