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Extreme slowness recently?

I'm an occasional user of the web-based tool.   When I went back to edit a saved design yesterday I couldn't get the applet to paint the screen.  Hovering over the button area shows those, but the main edit canvas never renders.

I tried at home and at work on totally separate PCs and internet connections (and multiple browsers) - same symptoms for each.   Is anyone else seeing this?


pretty much the first thing I

pretty much the first thing I do is disable display of spokes & chain, it will run so much faster

Speeding things up

I agree that turning off the display of the chain can speed things up a lot.  Along with that, you should also turn off the display of the derailleur as there are some elaborate calculations that get carried out if either of these components are turned on.

Having said this, if the icons in the interface aren't even rendering that suggests that BikeCAD is having some sort of issue actually reading in your model.  If you post a link to the model you're having trouble with, I may be able to help troubleshoot.

Example URL

This is the URL for your examination:   http://www.bikecad.ca/applet?model=1378473233705

I've checked several different designs and the result is the same for all.

I uploaded a screenshot as well.



Opening models with chain or derailleur showing

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  It turns out there was a bug in the free version of BikeCAD version 10 which would not allow you to open designs saved with the chain or derailleur showing.  (Single-speed designs were not affected)

I have just updated the free version to version 10.01.  Version 10.01 resolves this issue. If you try launching BikeCAD again and find that you are not running the latest version, you may need to clear your Java cache.

Users of BikeCAD Pro version 10.0 will have no troubles opening designs with the chain or derailleur showing.  Having said that, due to the same issue affecting the free version, you cannot set your default template to a non-singlespeed design with the chain showing.  Because this should only be a very minor inconvenience for BikeCAD Pro users, I have not yet uploaded a correction for this.  However, the issue will definitely be resolved in the next update.

If a BikeCAD Pro user has set their default template to a model with a chain showing, they can switch their default template out by following the instructions in the section about updating BikeCAD Pro or easier still, just drag and drop a model with the chain turned off into BikeCAD and set that as your default template.  Setting your default template is described at: bikecad.ca/customize.

I suggest a simplifiesd

I suggest a simplified version for some of the most ellaborate componentes such as chain and derailleur, maybe by having an option in the display menu. That could speed up. I'm now using BIKECAD PRO and I notice some slowness when zooming and panning...

Simplified chain

Thanks for the suggestion. There are two things that cause BikeCAD to run a little slower when displaying the chain and derailleur. First is calculating the path of the chain and the orientation of the derailleur cage as the chain wraps around the selected chainrings, rear cogs and derailleur pulleys. Second is the time required to actually display the calculated shape of the chain on the screen. Making a simplified representation of the chain may speed up the second task, but it will still take time to calculate the path. If there is sufficient interest in this, I could certainly look into that option.

I trust you are aware that you can turn off the display of the chain and derailleur all together. For now, I would advocate working most of the time with the chain and derailleur turned off and only turning them on when required. You may also find some efficiency in setting up a couple of Display templates which could allow you to quickly toggle between a display containing several components and another display containing only the frame and a few essential components. For more on templates, see: bikecad.ca/templates_in_bikecadpro.

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