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Free version of BikeCAD

Yes. The free version of Chrome will work without Java installed (Chrome doesn't support Java anyway). You also do not need the CheerpJ extension for Chrome or the IE tab extension.

The only reason to install Java along with the IE tab extension for Chrome or the 32 Bit ESR version of Firefox would be to run the program using the Java plugin which is also an option. However, this option is more involved as it requires the aforementioned tools and also requires that you add this site to your Java Exception Site list.

It Works!! Again

I got it to work again off of IE with Java enabled and the java checkbox unchecked, just click the green box.


I hope it keeps working.


Free version of BikeCAD

I'm glad you got it working. You did not need to have Java installed. It would work just the same without Java enabled.

Chrome still will not open, but IE does.

I tried it numerous ways and it would not open.   Interesting though, because I remember your post about not needing it.


Free version of BikeCAD

If you leave the Use Java plugin checkbox unchecked, there is no need to have Java on your system. The only additional point I can make as it is sometimes a source of confusion is that Java is totally different than JavaScript. You will always want to be sure that JavaScript is enabled as it should be by default.


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