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Rider Compartment

I am new to BikeCAD pro and had a question about how the default rider compartment. Where does the formula (0.562XB-0.562XC+0.562XE) come from? Comparing it to my road and mountain bikes, it seems to be a little cramped.

Also, is there a way to change the default sizes when the Fit Advisor is initally opened?

Fit advisor and Rider compartment

The Fit advisor calculates recommended frame geometry based on various body measurements.

The default formula for Rider compartment relates arm and torso lengths to the horizontal distance between the saddle and handlebars.  The formula has been tweaked a bit over the years based on feedback from users.  However, there are so many different fitting philosophies out there that it is impossible for any single formula to agree with every school of thought.

You can customize the Fit advisor to employ any body measuring scheme and to reflect any fitting philosophy.  There are instructions for deriving your own Fit advisor formula at: bikecad.ca/customizing_fit_formulas.

Thanks, Brent!

Thanks, Brent!

I was thinking of taking information from friends and see if might be able to tweak it in some manner. I will let you know what I end up with. From the link you sent, I did not see instructions on setting the values in the fit advisor when it is first opened (I think it has a rider that is 5'-9"). I may have overlooked it though.

BTW, it's a great product! I enjoy playing with it. Too bad it will not work on my iPad. 


Setting initial body measurements

I forgot to address that part of your question. When you save a BikeCAD model in a BCAD file, the body measurements in the fit advisor are stored along with the rest of the information about the bike itself.

You can customize both the bike and the body measurements that come up when you first launch BikeCAD by modifying these values once and then saving that setup as your default start template as described at: bikecad.ca/customize.

As you open other BikeCAD designs, the body measurements you see in the Fit advisor will once again be replaced by the body measurements associated with the new BikeCAD model.

Because there are times when you might want to read in certain elements of a design while leaving other elements as they are, there is another option called templates described at: bikecad.ca/templates_in_bikecadpro.  You could use this option to read in new body measurements while leaving the actual bicycle design unchanged.  Note that these templates are different than the default start template mentioned above. They are also different than miter templates.

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