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How to adjust crown height

How do you adjust the crown height? Is it letter G listed on the forks adjustment box? I think it is, but not completely sure.

When I try to make a change to letter G (i.e., crown height), the new change isn't reflected on the bike image, and the other parameters like letter K are not changed either. Am I doing something wrong?

Adjusting crown height

You are correct. Fork crown height is in fact controlled by dimension G. When you change the value of G, G is the only input dimension that will change. K, which on a road fork is the input dimension that controls the location of the brake hole, will not change unless you physically change K.

There are four different display modes in BikeCAD. The four modes are described here. When viewed from the side, the bottom edge of the crown will not be visible in full color mode or in no hidden line mode. However, the bottom edge of the crown will be visible in the other two display modes.

The crown height is also visible in the front view that you see when checking for Fork crown clearance. However, this option is only available in BikeCAD Pro.

Thanks Brent. Really helpful

Thanks Brent. Really helpful. Particularly that I can figure out roughly how much tire clearance I would have on a bike I am drawing up.

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