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calf disconnecting

What does it mean when you put in the dimensions someone gave you and their calf diconnects from their body at the knee on the bottom of the pedal stroke?

Lower leg disconnecting

Be aware that if you enter six basic body dimensions into the Fit advisor, the parametric representation of the rider does not automatically update. The rider can be changed by adjusting the input fields in the Rider anatomy tab. Those input fields can be adjusted manually or they can be adjusted automatically based on the six basic body dimensions in the Fit advisor. This is described at: bikecad.ca/rider_anatomy_tabs.

If you let the Fit advisor approximate the rider anatomy dimensions, and the leg appears to be disconnecting at the bottom of the pedal stroke, there could be a number of explanations for this.

  • The formula used to calculate the 14 rider anatomy dimensions based on the six Fit advisor dimensions may need to be tweaked. For more on that, see: bikecad.ca/customizing_fit_advisor_2_rider_anatomy
  • You haven't yet applied the recommended saddle height calculated by the Fit advisor.
  • You have applied the recommended saddle height calculated by the Fit advisor, but that formula needs to be tweaked as described at: bikecad.ca/customizing_fit_advisor.
  • Your BikeCAD model assumes the rider will drop their ankle at the bottom of the pedal stroke deeper than they actually will. This is discussed at: bikecad.ca/pedal_stroke.
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