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Version 12.5 Windows 10

We recently updated our computer to windows 10 and updated version 11.72 to version 12.5 and noticed many of buttons do not work. I tried re-installing 12.5 multiple times, and still the same problem. I ended up using the 11.72 install file again with 12.5 still installed, and by opening the program using the 11.72 launcher everything works. Is this a known issue?


Just kidding, it just changed

Just kidding, it just changed which buttons work and which don't (now the primary dimensions button doesn't do anything...).

Dialog boxes out of range

The only way I can make any sense of the scenario you describe, is if you have been switching between dual monitor setups or different monitors of varying resolution. There's a discussion of this issue here. I have solved this problem in BikeCAD version 13. In the meantime, the simplest solution is likely to switch to one of the other two dialog box states as described at: bikecad.ca/managing_dialog_boxes.

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