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Selectable library of production saddles, posts, stems, handlebars and pedals

Is there a pre-loaded library of saddles, posts, handlebars, stems, forks and pedals?

This way you can quickly set-up and refine your design without having to map complex handlebar curves, saddle surface height relative to rails, post set-back, pedal stack height, and fork height, rake and clearance.

Working out these measurements individulally make the software too cumbersome to use.

Relying on someone else's measurements in the 'blog-o-sphere' is too risky.

Standard parts library

The mechanism is there for anyone to add their own collection of parts to the various libraries in BikeCAD Pro. This is described at: bikecad.ca/standard_parts_library. I've set up a section of the BikeCAD forum for people to share parts with others. Unfortunately, it has not been used too much. All the "Foxlike" forks in the current library are representative of actual Fox forks from a few years back. However, with so many other things I'd like to add to the program, I have not managed to find the time to amass more component data.

Brent, we can't upload files

Brent, we can't upload files to there.

It only allows image files, not bcad ones

Sharing standard parts

My intention was for people to save BCAD files to the site using either the free version or BikeCAD Pro. Once the file is on the site, just post the URL for that design.

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