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Transfer a given geometry to BikeCad

This is probably the typical newbie question. If look at the bike manfactures website and take the geometry of a bike I will end-up with the standard information. Stack/Reack horz. Top-tube, Seat-tube and head tube and the two main angles. Given stack & reach how do I proceed from there s.t. the seat-tube length and especially the head-tube length shows-up in Bike Cad. I did not understand where I could input the head tube length. i probably missed a how-to or something. A point in this direction would be appriciated

ah. ok. I have to play around

ah. ok. I have to play around the BB drop....never mind

Setting head tube length

I'm glad you got it sorted out. Be aware that you can directly input head tube length if you also control the frame by front center distance. An explanation for why you can't drive the frame by Stack and Reach, Head tube length, Front Center, Effective top tube length, etc. all at once is given at: bikecad.ca/toptube_frontcenter. While you're checking that out, it's also worth watching: bikecad.ca/tube_extension.

Also note that if you choose not to control the frame by head tube length, you can still display this dimension on the screen and tweak other dimensions until the head tube length meets the specification.

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