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MTB Designs


1. I cannot seem to save a design from the design archive to my hard drive and then open it to my desktop version of Bikecad. All i see when I click on the link for save a bikecad design (the one located under the design illustration) is code. Am I suppose to copy this and save it to a file or something??

2. The wheel options for MTB do not seem to include 27.5 x 1.95++.

3. I ve noticed that the crank angle I set in a Bcad file never seems to stay even if i save the file. It always reverts back to 0 deg.




MTB designs

Your browser is likely recognizing that BCAD files have the same format as an XML properties file. Since your browser is capable of showing XML, it does so. However, you could go on to save the file from the browser, or taking a step back, you could right click on the original link and choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as...". But what you should really do is use the feature built in to BikeCAD Pro to open designs directly from the archive. This is described at: bikecad.ca/opening_and_saving_online.

You can add any number of additional wheel designs to your library of standard wheels as described at: bikecad.ca/standard_parts_library. I'm open to including any additional tire sizes or other components as default items in the various libraries of standard parts included in BikeCAD. Just send me a BCAD file containing the components you think should be included.

Currently, crank angle is not saved with BCAD files. Crank angle was intentionally left out because it seemed irrelevant to the design of the frame. However, when you consider a rider on the bike, I can now appreciate how you may want to communicate a specific crank position. I could include crank angle in the next update.

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