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Sharing files?

Hi Brent-

A client of mine was trying to send me some BikeCad Pro files. He uploaded them onto Dropbox, and when I saved and opened them the only thing to "change" was their custom paint- all of the frame numbers stayed at the default template size.

I am guessing he is not fully saving the designs before uploading them into the Dropbox folder, but there may be something more to it that you can id simply. He is on the newest version, and I am on the last gen. Would you expect that to cause any issues?

I have found this: http://www.bikecad.ca/permissions, and may be interested in the second option to publish the model, but not include it in the Design Archive. I am unsure how/ where to save BikeCad Pro files online.



Sharing files

You should be able to reliably open any older version BCAD file on the latest version of BikeCAD. However, if you try to open a newer BCAD file on an older version of BikeCAD, you can not be sure of reliable results.

I encourage all owners of BikeCAD Pro to always use the latest version. Eric, you can download the latest version from the Files tab in your My account section. Although you purchased BikeCAD Pro from the old site, I have manually changed the status of your new account to BikeCAD Pro owner.

When BikeCAD Pro version 8.5 is released, you will be able to upload models to the BikeCAD.ca site directly from BikeCAD Pro. This will be done with a key available from here. Until then, the only way to save models from BikeCAD Pro on the BikeCAD.ca site is through the Upload page. When your uploaded model appears in the embedded BikeCAD applet, just save it to the website as described here.

If you have several BikeCAD models to share it might be quicker to use Dropbox. However, it is handy to share models on the site as each saved model will have its own image and you can search through several saved models by brand, model name, style, size, material etc.



The new update seems to have fixed it on my end. Looks like there are some new features to play with, too!

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