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First-time user where do you see adjustments


I am using the BikeCAD to run some numbers on a project to turn a 27.5 mountain bike into a mullet with a 29 inch wheel in the front.

I noticied when I added a 29inch wheel to the front from 27.5 none of the numbers altered on the frame dimensions ? I was looking for a change in Head Tube Angle, where would I see this ?

Where do you input wheelbase ?


Checking for change in head angle on mullet

There is an input field for head angle. So by default, no matter what other changes happen to fork length or wheel size etc, the frame will always adjust to maintain the specified head angle. If you would like to see how the head angle on an existing frame might change when changing the front wheel size, you can use the lock frame option described at: bikecad.ca/lock_frame.

You cannot directly input wheelbase. However, you can tweak other values such as chain stay length, front center and BB drop to achieve a desired wheelbase.

That Sir is first class

That Sir is first class knowlege ! thank you. 

Exactly what I was needing to do. 

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