Version 16.0 Update

BikeCAD Pro version 16.0 was released August 27, 2020. Version 16.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • More built in drawings for various rear dropouts.
  • New method for bending tubes.
  • Rear wheel gap dimension will now account for curved seat tubes.
  • Tweak hand position of rider.
  • New methods for controlling front end geometry.
  • Display chainline dimensions according to average of all cogs/ chainrings or by particular cog/ chainring on which the chain is engaged.
  • Additional eBike motors.
  • Dual dimensioning allows for simultaneous display of dimensions in inches and millimeters.
  • Additional dimensions specific to Cobra Frame fixture.
  • Option to position foot by distance from heel to axle.
  • Miter templates now feature extra line to indicate intersection with centerline of adjoining tube.
  • Thru axle rear dropouts can now be specified when defining dropouts by parameters.
  • Added 2.35" Konga yoke.
  • Additional brand logos.

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I've noticed for some reason it will sometimes install things in a folder called BikeCAD Pro 15.0 but will put it in BikeCAD Pro 16.0 after an uninstall and a reinstall. I'm sorry I cannot explain why it would do this.

I get the error mentioned only when trying to install the 64bit. 32bit install works as expected.


Stay safe and Keep up the great work Brent!!


Eric - masked up in Seattle. 

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. Using the 32 bit version is another option. However, for anyone looking to use the 64 bit version, it appears that there can be complications when earlier versions of BikeCAD are already installed. However, uninstalling and installing once more does seem to work as well.

Bike cad 16.0 will not save drawing changes. It opens the save drawing window but once closed and opened again the drawing appears with out the changes made prior to save. Any ideas.



This is the first time anyone has reported this. I wonder if there is something about the particular design you are trying to save. Could you send me the BCAD file in question and let me know what kind of change you are attempting to make?

The only other thing I can think to mention is that double clicking on a BCAD file will not open that particular design. You have to either choose File >> Open design from BCAD file or drag and drop the file into the main BikeCAD window.

As far as I am aware, everyone impacted by this has been able to resolve the issue by uninstalling older versions first. Another option would be to run the 32 bit version. Let me know how you get along.

Hi Brent, BikeCAD 16.0 v1.0 on MacOS 10.15.7. A small nuisance: app window display prefs, such as window position and size, are no longer saved after upgrading from 15.0.



Thanks for letting me know about this. I have not been able to replicate this issue at my end. There were not meant to be any changes related to this in moving to version 16.0. Your dialog box dimensions and locations are stored in a file called: dialogs1.xml. This file should be found in the folder called: BikeCAD_16.0_configuration. As this file does not seem to be doing anything for you, you could delete it. BikeCAD will create another file next time you open and close the program. I wonder if, since your dialog box information is not being stored, there might be any other things that are not being stored. For example, are you able to go to View >> Customize >> Save current bike as default template? Doing that should save the model that you are currently viewing so that it will appear as the default design when you launch BikeCAD. I wonder if BikeCAD might not have permission to write to your BikeCAD_16.0_configuration directory. This is why I'm curious to know what other customization options can be implemented.

Hi Brent. dialogs1.xml is nowhere to be found in my 16.0 install. I see it (and _2 & _3.xml as well) in my 15.0 install which is still on the same HDD. 

I'm able to save current display as default, as you describe, and have it take effect next restart.

Sounds like a 16.0 reinstall is in order, or would you like me to check anything else for you?

- Soren

This is strange. The fact that you can save your current bike as the default template suggests that BikeCAD is able to write files to your BikeCAD_16.0_configuration directory. Therefore, it should in theory also be able to write the dialogs1.xml file. I might try copying your dialogs1.xml file from your BikeCAD_15.0_configuration directory into your BikeCAD_16.0_configuration directory. At the very least, this should display all the dialog boxes in the same position and size as they were in version 15.0. If BikeCAD still can't update the dialogs1.xml file with your new dialog box positions, then this may not be a good long term solution, but it would be interesting to see if it at least applies the settings from version 15.

Copying 15.0's dialogs1.xml does apply my old window size/location to 16.0. However, changing window size location in 16.0 then restarting does not have any effect.

I'm still able to save a default template in view/customize.

Thanks for letting me know. I'd be very curious to know if anyone else can replicate this behaviour. I hope I can get this resolved for you in the next update.

Hi Brent,

Ever since I installed ver.16 on my MacBook Pro  BigSur 11.0.1 I cannot use the BikeCad software.

It opens fine but as soon as I try to change anything on a frame the option window opens in full screen and the app doesn't respond anymore.

I have to force quit.

I have uninstalled, empty recylcle bin and re-installed few times without success.

Any hints or advice to make it work?

I believe you may be the sixth person reporting issues with Mac OS 11.0.1. Many of these users have also had trouble with other software since upgrading to this version of Big Sur. As far as I can tell, the issue is beyond my control. However, I believe the problem might have been resolved with the latest Mac OS which as of December 14, 2020 is 11.1.

I'd be curious to hear from other Mac users about their experiences.

Thank you for your reply.

I have updated to Mac OS 11.1 deleted BikeCad and re-installed it but unfortunately it still freezes as soon as I try to use it.

Any suggestion at this stage? 


I'm sorry to hear you went through all that and still have no luck.

First thing to be aware of is that your license of BikeCAD entitles you to install the program on up to three of your own computers, so if you have access to another computer, that could be one solution.

While I assume the issue is related to these latest Mac updates that will hopefully be resolved in a future update, it is strange, because I know of some other users that are running BikeCAD on Mac OS 11.1 without issue. You said you uninstalled BikeCAD before re-installing it. When running BikeCAD for the first time, a directory called BikeCAD_16.0_configuration will be created to store customization data. When you uninstall BikeCAD, this directory doesn't necessarily get deleted as well. In case the problem has to do with some sort of corrupt configuration file, it could be worth deleting this directory. I would not worry about uninstalling BikeCAD again. You've already tried that, and this is a separate possible cause. If you delete the BikeCAD_16.0_configuration folder and then try to launch BikeCAD, BikeCAD should look for the configuration directory. If it does not find it, it should extract a new folder. It would be nice if once the new folder is extracted BikeCAD works as normal.

A final possibliity could be to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your machine and then run the Linux version of BikeCAD which should run on any computer that is running the Java JRE.

I'm sorry I have no definite solution for you, but I hope this can get resolved soon.

Glad to know you're up and running again. It's a big relief to know your issues was not necessarily related to the Big Sur Mac update.


I still can't run BikeCAD despite having deleted the configuration folder.  After I delete the folder, it opens fine, but if I pull up an old drawing or try to modify the base model, all the dropdown boxes start blinking again and BikeCAD freezes and must be forcequit.  Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

Installing the Java Runtime Environment on your system and running the Linux version of BikeCAD would remain an option to try. However, another thing to consider with this BikeCAD_16.0_configuration folder is the possibility that after deleting the configuration folder your system is not fully extracting all the files that are meant to go into the new version of the BikeCAD_16.0_configuration folder. To thoroughly investigate this possibility, I've uploaded the contents of this folder to: . Could you download this file and try extracting its contents in place of what you have there now? Before you launch BikeCAD are there any glaring differences between the folder automatically extracted and the one you've downloaded?

The only immediately obvious difference is that the version that was auto extracted when I last launched BikeCAD contains two additional files; bikecaddir.props and bikecadrecent.props


edit:  no change in behavior.  I just launched and when I clicked on the wheel icon to change the wheel size, it opened a new tab, all the drop down arrows are blinking and it froze.

Sorry to hear that didn't help either. Those two extra files are created by BikeCAD to store the directory of the most recently opened or saved design as well as a list of most recently opened designs. So I don't think we've found our issue yet.

To continue to dwell on this configuration folder might seem like beating a dead horse, but there's another thing to check. What if after launching BikeCAD, you choose the Primary dimensions icon instead of the Wheels icon? When the Wheels dialog box is launched, BikeCAD must check the BikeCAD_16.0_configuration/WHEELS folder to find any Standard wheels. When you launch the Primary dimensions  dialog box, it does not need to check the configuration directory for anything. I'd be curious to see if you can change things in the Primary dimensions dialog box without issue. If you can, there could be some problem with permissions in the configuration folder.

Thanks for continuing to help troubleshoot this.


When I open Dimensions, it does the same thing...opens a tab and freezes the program.  The highlighted tabs within the Dimensions page are whited out and blink erratically 


Sorry, rough morning and my reading comprehension wasn't good.  Same result though with Primary Dimensions...blinky dropdown arrows and frozen

While I don't think running BikeCAD on Mac OS Big Sur is a problem for most users, I'm at a loss to suggest any other possible fixes for your particular situation. The one remaining option, and I think it's a good one, is to install the Java Runtime Environment on your Mac and run the Linux version of BikeCAD through that. The Linux version should really be called the universal version because it can run on any OS that has the JRE installed on it. There's some help with installing the JRE at:

I'm sorry I haven't been able to resolve this matter. Do you have access to another computer? You are entitled to install it on up to three of your own machines.

did you install the JRE or the JDK?  Were you able to leave BikeCAD installed or did you reinstall after the Java installation?  

I removed every trace of Java from my system, installed the JRE and continue to have the same problem.  

Interestingly, the two Java based programs I use for curcuit and layout design aren't having any issues.  I wish I understood Java and how it was implimented so I could make some headway here.  

I installed JRE and for the most part, everything works fine. I had to reinstall BikeCad and then everything is good...Until I go full screen, luckily I can use it on my second big monitor, almost at full screen. But there's something deep in the program, or within the Java framework that doesn't like a maxed-out window. 

I'm having yoke trouble. In order to see Paragon MS2060 in auxiliary view i need to select Lichen QDW. It appears that in main view Lichen QDW is still being applied.

Thanks for the heads up on this. I can't believe I let that slip. Apparently, I listed the Konga 2.35" yoke twice. Therefore when you select Lichen Precision QDW, you actually get the Paragon MS0060. If you select the Paragon MS0060, you acutally get the Paragon PP0011. Once you know this, I suppose it's not so bad because you can still get what you need. Unfortunately, when you select the second Konga 2.35" yoke, instead of getting the Lichen Precision QDW, the menu automatically switches to the first instance of the Konga 2.35" so for now the Lichen Precision QDW is inaccessible. I have corrected this in the next update.

Hi, I´ve just downloaded the 16.0 version for MacOS, I double clicked the .ZIP file and the app icon appeared. I attempt to open it but then nothing happens, it won´t run... Any ideas?



The code signed version is meant to work on any Mac OS from 10.7.5 to present, so in theory it should run on 10.8.5. What was the last version of BikeCAD you ran on this computer? Are you also running it on a PC? I noticed you downloaded the PC version as well.