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Not loading

Hi - BikeCAD is no longer loading for me so I can't access my designs. On Chrome it won't load and on IE it is too slow to do anything. Is the site down?

Free version

I noticed you've been using the free version of BikeCAD which uses CheerpJ to generate a Javascript version of the app that does not require a plugin. CheerpJ was updated to version 1.2 on this site on September 7th. Theoretically, it should only work better now. I was able to open your latest model on Chrome. I also noticed it had the chain displayed. Displaying the chain and/or rear derailleur will cause a noticable slow down in performance. In case this is the issue for you, I've resaved this model to your account. It is an unpublished model, so I won't share the URL here, but you'll find it in your My Designs section.

Of course, BikeCAD Pro being a standalone application that runs on a Mac, a PC or on Linux will be much faster than the free version. I hope you will consider making the investment. The $500 Canadian price is a one time fee that includes updates for life.

Here the same problem with

Here the same problem with the free version: on chromium and firefox the cheerpJ-sign appears, after that a message "loading...", but no further action then. A few weeks ago I tested it a little and it worked well.

Free version load time

Thanks for the feedback. While you may be having some trouble with the free version, it is not, as far as I can tell, a widespread problem. The main point I would make is that it can take a while to load the free app. Often, after the Loading message disappears from the top of the page, the screen may just appear blank for a period of time as the app finishes loading and setting up. Patience definitely helps.

Took a few tries before it

Took a few tries before it even worked and it crashed a few times, I had to reload and start again a few times. Loading time was very different each time I opened the app. It was my first time using the free version so it was a good training and I love the program, but would help if also the free version would be a bit more stable. 

Loading problems on iPad running safari?

ive tried multiple attempts in the past two days without success. Is there something I need to modify? 


Free version on iPad

Even though I have made the free version run on the iPad, it was extremely slow, so I don't want to suggest you invest too much more time trying to run it as even if it does work for you eventually I suspect you will be disappointed with the functionality. I'd suggest trying it on a laptop or desktop computer. For a sense of how the pro version runs, I'd recommend you check out some of the videos in the user guide.

Ok. Thanks

Ok. Thanks

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