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Not loading

Hi - BikeCAD is no longer loading for me so I can't access my designs. On Chrome it won't load and on IE it is too slow to do anything. Is the site down?

Free version

I noticed you've been using the free version of BikeCAD which uses CheerpJ to generate a Javascript version of the app that does not require a plugin. CheerpJ was updated to version 1.2 on this site on September 7th. Theoretically, it should only work better now. I was able to open your latest model on Chrome. I also noticed it had the chain displayed. Displaying the chain and/or rear derailleur will cause a noticable slow down in performance. In case this is the issue for you, I've resaved this model to your account. It is an unpublished model, so I won't share the URL here, but you'll find it in your My Designs section.

Of course, BikeCAD Pro being a standalone application that runs on a Mac, a PC or on Linux will be much faster than the free version. I hope you will consider making the investment. The $500 Canadian price is a one time fee that includes updates for life.

Here the same problem with

Here the same problem with the free version: on chromium and firefox the cheerpJ-sign appears, after that a message "loading...", but no further action then. A few weeks ago I tested it a little and it worked well.

Free version load time

Thanks for the feedback. While you may be having some trouble with the free version, it is not, as far as I can tell, a widespread problem. The main point I would make is that it can take a while to load the free app. Often, after the Loading message disappears from the top of the page, the screen may just appear blank for a period of time as the app finishes loading and setting up. Patience definitely helps.

Took a few tries before it

Took a few tries before it even worked and it crashed a few times, I had to reload and start again a few times. Loading time was very different each time I opened the app. It was my first time using the free version so it was a good training and I love the program, but would help if also the free version would be a bit more stable. 

Loading problems on iPad running safari?

ive tried multiple attempts in the past two days without success. Is there something I need to modify? 


Free version on iPad

Even though I have made the free version run on the iPad, it was extremely slow, so I don't want to suggest you invest too much more time trying to run it as even if it does work for you eventually I suspect you will be disappointed with the functionality. I'd suggest trying it on a laptop or desktop computer. For a sense of how the pro version runs, I'd recommend you check out some of the videos in the user guide.

Ok. Thanks

Ok. Thanks

Loading problems

Hi I’m new to this page and I also tried to open the free version of Bicer cad for tow days without success is it actualy working?

Loading free version

Yes. The free version still works both with and without the Java plugin. Running it with the Java plugin is a bit more involved. If you're having trouble running it without the Java plug-in, I'd recommend first of all giving it plenty of time to load, failing that, I'd also try a different browser. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and IE are all good options.

Experiencing the same problem

Experiencing the same problem as the person who stated this thread. Cannot run Java plugin as it is no longer supported by any reasonably modern OS X browser. The Java-free version gets stuck in "Loading...". Thankful for any advice, I just need to open a model and change a few things, and however nice the full version would be, this one-timer cannot motivate me to spend the money :) Thanks!

Free version on a Mac

I have access to two MacBook Pro's for testing purposes. One is a couple years old and is running MacOS 10.14.6. It took 1:08 minutes before the free version finished loading on Safari and 55 seconds before it loaded on Chrome. In each case I did not use the Java plugin.

I also have access to a 10 year old MacBook Pro currently running MacOS 10.10.3. On that computer, I was not able to get it to launch on Safari, but it took 1:05 minutes to launch in Chrome.

I have a new laptop, and I

I have a new laptop, and I get a completely blank screen after "cheerp loading" message. In the chrome developer panel, there is 1 wrning and 1 error logged : "Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScErDRKZvSy1JAdiRSZfAsjf711VWdS...' from origin 'https://www.bikecad.ca' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource."

I haven't used it before, but I am also looking at rattleCAD, which also has a free version. To be honest, I am probably not going to spend $500 given that I have free access to onshape and fusion360 ...but just so you know that the free version is actually generating errors in the browser, its not  just execution speed issue.

Free version

Thanks for the feedback. The next version of CheerpJ which is the compiler that allows BikeCAD to run in a browser will have WebAssembly support. I'm hoping this might boost performance. In the meantime, site visitors continue to save new bike designs to their accounts using the free version. I actually see the same error that you've reported, but it did not prevent the app from running perfectly well. Again, I encourage you to give it a bit more time to load.

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