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BikeCAD user guide

Although there are several helpful resources for understanding BikeCAD in the Frequently Asked Questions section, they are not currently organized in a way that would suit someone looking to start with the basics and then move into more advanced topics. I thought I would present some links below that might be better organized for someone starting out with little understanding of BikeCAD.

Welcome: This video gives an overview of the BikeCAD.ca website along with some of the features of BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro.

Download and installation

Saving and retrieving designs


Dimensions and notes

Frame design

Special frames


Modeling components

Paint and colors


Fit adviser and rider anatomy

Timesaving tips

Title block and drawing border

Customizing the interface

Exporting files



Model and Bike templates

Hey Brent, 

I'm just installing my 14.0 version and doing some house cleaning. One thing that has always tripped me up is trying to figure out what the difference between "model" and "bike" templates are. The Template video goes way back to before you had "model" as an option. I'm sure the info is buried in here somewhere but I can't find it.



Model vs. bike templates

When you open a normal BCAD file, it opens up with all the details about the dimensions that are displayed, the bike design, the paint scheme, which components are shown, any notes, the body geometry of the rider, whatever photo might be underlayed, and the titleblock.

As you know, you can save templates that will open only one of these elements (Dimensions, Bike, Paint etc.) A Model template opens all of them except the body geometry of the rider. So opening a Model template is just like opening a full BCAD file but without the rider.

Model and Bike templates

Thanks Brent!

I got it now. Jeesh.

Problem Log pop up when trying to save.

Hi Brent,

I'm just starting to use BikecadPro in college as a mature student so I'm practicing on the online version at home. When I tried to save my first bike drawing a 'Problem Log' dialogue box popped up. As far as I can see I've filled in all the relevant notes and clicked publish (but not Add to design archive). 

I started by choosing the nearest version on the design archive of the bike that I want to design and build (Ferraroli Callifornia MTB 1991) Should I have started from a blank template instead?

Many thanks,



BikeCAD user guide


I am gregbowers. I am new member here. Thanks for sharing BikeCAD user guide . Very usefull. 

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